FlyFish Watersport Kos Waterclub

Have you ever dreamed about flying over the sea? Flyfish makes it possible! Just hold on tight.


This towing modality is maybe the most exciting and spectacular one. It is like riding a wild horse over the water. The specific design of this kind of device causes that the boat’s speed added to the wind force and the waves it comes out of the water making big jumps, like a flying fish. That is where the name comes from. There will only be just a few moments that you will be on the water. Feel the adrenalin with an exciting activity you can share with your friends and you will never forget!

How does FlyFish work

Two people sit either side of the fish and hold on tight as the aerodynamics of the beast allow it to fly as it gathers speed behind the boat. Alternatively, one person lies in the middle and looks on through the window as you take off.

Who can take a FlyFish ride

This watersport is supported by all the equipment that meets international standards because the safety and comfort is the main priority. It is suitable for a family or with friends. One thing is for sure. You will have a lot of fun and unforgettable moments! The weather conditions of Paradise Beach in Kefalos Village and our equipment are ideal for trying Flyfish in Kos island.