Parasail Watersport Kos Waterclub

Do you want to experience heavenly peace and supreme excitement at the same time? Try parasail!


It may appear adrenaline-powered from below, but parasailing is, in fact, an incredibly calm watersport experience. You take off from the boat and land onto the boat, never even getting wet. And when you’re up there, sitting back and looking down and around you, everything feels calm and quiet, such a contrast to the lively Paradise beach you were just at.

A sport for all ages

We offer parasail for almost all ages, with a double harness also available for two-person rides. Safety and fun are in conclusion the top priorities for our costumers.

How to parasail

It is an easy process. All you have to do is to hear the staff of Kos Waterclub and relax. The persons which will parasail are strapped into a harness and slowly raised by mechanical winch up to a maximum height of 200 meters. After a nice ride, where you have the opportunity to see Paradise Beach or even Agios Stefanos Beach, you will be winched back into the boat. You won’t even have to get wet! The parasailing boat is large enough for the whole family, so passengers and photographers welcome on board.